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About us


The Development and Peace Foundation, FUNDEPAZ, is a non-confessional, non-partisan and non-profit organization that seeks to promote sustainable human development in Colombia in order to contribute to the construction of a fair and equitable society in the perspective of political, economic, social and cultural inclusion.



Contributing to the defense, promotion, protection and realization of human, civil and political, sexual and reproductive, economic, social and cultural rights, the fight against impunity and the realization of truth, justice and integral reparation for human rights violations of these rights, through legal and political actions at national and international level.

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Promoting collective efforts from civil society to encourage the union and articulation of multiple public and private actors that contribute significantly to the fight against poverty and the promotion of sustainable human development.


Contributing to the creation of spaces for discussion and public debate and building of a public opinion formed and informed through the organization of forums, seminars and workshops, among others.


Strengthening and empowering organizations and individuals to improve the public and private institutional capacity in order to Colombians fully exercise their citizenship, state entities perform with transparency and effectiveness, and private organizations assume their social responsibility.


Designing, promoting, managing, developing and implementing plans, programs, projects, proposals and initiatives of natural or legal persons, national or foreign, whose purpose is to promote sustainable human development.


Elaborating researches within the areas of programmatic interest.


The year 2000 marked a turning point in the dynamic of the armed conflict and its manifestations for Nariño as a result of intense fumigations of coca crops undertaken by the Government in the neighboring department of Putumayo within the framework of Plan Colombia, caused illicit crops moved to Nariño, especially to the Pacific coast, bringing with it an increase in the presence of armed actors (guerrillas and paramilitaries) and war actions. In this context on January 15, 2002 four young men and women economists of the University of Nariño committed to the ideal of social change, decided to create the Development and Peace Foundation, FUNDEPAZ as a response to the harmful consequences of the increased armed conflict on the civil population: increase in human rights violations, mass displacements of people, increase of poverty, etc.

"We seek to promote sustainable human development in Colombia"